You Need a Break; at Brooklyn's Big Break Comedy Show

Attention all Brooklynites (and those willing to travel into the heart of Brooklyn for a good time): the underground comedy scene is alive and well at a bar called Bluebird, and more specifically the basement venue dubbed The Nest, which is the type of graffiti-decorated space that makes you think you should have gotten that labret piercing after all. Acute hipness aside, Bluebird/The Nest is tucked conveniently on the east border of Prospect Park, features the twice-monthly Big Break Comedy Show hosted by comedians Tyler Fischer and Charlie Kasov, and, if this past weekend's show is anything to judge by, will give you a complete ab workout via laughing until it hurts.

The venue is as intimate as it is trendy, giving each comedian's set an up-close and personal feel that truly adds to the entire experience. Charlie and Tyler do a superb job setting up the show and introducing each comedian, and curated some of NYC's finest to fill their lineup. This past Saturday included the work of Nore Davis, Ian Goldstein, Max Fine, Andrea Allan, Aimee Rose Ranger, Sean Mallory, and Kendall Farrell, each of whom brought their own flair and hilarity to the stage. Nore Davis had his usual suave relatability on full display, giving us something new to think about engagement equality and Dragon Ball Z. Ian Goldstein gave the show a lively musical interlude with an incredibly catchy, impressively performed, and a little too close to home song about all the things you haven't achieved yet in your adult life. Max Fine had some words on herpes and the lighter side of alcoholism that brought laughter from a deep dark place inside. Andrea Allan graced us with her larger-than life style and stature and made us really think about the amount of cum we have consumed in our lifetime. Aimee Rose Ranger brought a refreshing sweetness to the night that was anything but saccharine, and watching her apologize to her out-of-town parents for the aforementioned cum-guzzling jokes was a joy in itself. Sean Mallory's collection of dryly delivered one-liners was absolutely mesmerizing, transporting me to a classic comedy club with strong Steven Wright vibes. Kendall Farrell had a flair (and hair) that gave new meaning to the word fabulous, and gave me insights I never knew I needed into the world of Grindr.

Altogether, the Big Break Comedy Show was everything I look for in the local comedy scene, and more. Tyler Fischer and Charlie Kasov have created an atmosphere that some New York comedy clubs have labored for decades to achieve, without ever being as cool. Top-notch talent, flying just far enough below the radar to still be featured in the underground scene, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this show is where you can be the early bird that catches the comedy. Every second and fourth Saturday night, this is a show worth marking down on your busy calendar.

By: Janessa Kowal

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