Yedoye Travis Lands Role in AT&T Commercial

As somewhat rabidly obsessive comedy fans, we at Stellar U. are always delighted to see the familiar face of one of our regularly reviewed comics pop up on television, and so it is with a strangely maternal pride that I congratulate Yedoye Travis on his recent appearance in an AT&T commercial: Samsung Jeans. Though brief, Yedoye's 30 seconds of screen time manage to encapsulate the usual charm and eloquence that is generally displayed by the comedian in his stand-up, recent comedy album, and podcast. Pretty on-point acting here as well, because though he had limited script to work with, I can totally believe and relate to this guy who eats other people's bread crusts and irons his jeans. I'm not saying Yedoye Travis is the next Sprint Guy (formerly known as the Verizon Guy), I'm just saying that if he wanted to, he would totally kill the role.

Having followed his work for the past couple years, it is exciting to see Yedoye appearing in more places and being professionally recognized as a comedian and actor. If you are mostly familiar with his always entertaining and often thought-provoking stand up material, this commercial appearance displays Yedoye's talents in a somewhat different light, and confirms that he is just as much of a natural on screen as he is on stage. (Also confirmed by his stylish appearance on the new and darkly hilarious Netflix show, Russian Doll.) We continue to look forward to more projects and television spots from Yedoye, which are always a satisfying showcase of his talent, and in the meantime you can find him performing around New York City and nationally, on his podcast Dark Tank, stand up on Comedy Central, and his highly enjoyable Twitter feed Dr. N Word Nigma @ProfessorDoye.

So whether you are team Apple or Android, and regardless of your phone network, it's time to join team Yedoye Travis for your quality comedy needs.  

By Janessa Kowal

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