TJ Tapes His First Comedy Album & Celebrates His Birthday All in One Night

What a great night at Gowanas’ Littlefield venue, where Tanael Joachim (aka TJ) set stage to perform for his very first album taping. After many years of performing in popular stand up stages of the tri-state area and even a few appearances on tv, like Good Day New York & Gotham Comedy Live, TJ’s standup has been marinating to finally  make his comedy debut. The venue set a simple yet eloquent vibe; a perfect set up for someone celebrating two occasions simultaneously.

Photo of Tanael Joachim by JT Anderson

The event started off in full party mode when DJ Hard Hittin Harry showed some serious skills, as he hyped up the audience with a fun scratch mix of party throwbacks and getting some “wooo’s & yeahhh’s” out of us. Having close comedy friends host and open [Paul Shroeder, Reggie Conquest & Mia Jackson] for his show was a special touch, as it made the night more personable. TJ’s suave personality easily started the show in a conversational fashion [as he’s mostly known for]. He has a way of drawing in the audience with his witty insightful perspectives, most of which makes me nod in agreement before laughing.

Photo credit: JT Anderson

Being an immigrant from Haiti, TJ shares the hardships of learning English as a third language and the dangers of misinterpreting new vocabulary; and the realization that, yes, New York is most enjoyable if you are wealthy, otherwise you’re just a peasant with a Metrocard. My ego got a small bruise after that joke being a native New Yorker myself, but after he hit us with the fact that he had to learn how to take a smile back, based on how crude New Yorkers can be I couldn’t have nodded/laughed faster. Come on New York we have people un-smiling out here!  We have to do better.

Throughout his show, you slowly get to know TJ as if you’re having a drink over intriguing conversation with a stranger at a bar. You’ll sip your drink and listen as he breaks down his point of view of ‘poor racist vs. rich racist’; his seemingly spiraling mother issues; and the philosophical circumstances that make suicide acceptable. I found myself wanting to retrospectively respond or comment throughout most of the show! Any comedian who can bring up the #metoo movement 3 years in, with more male perspective and doesn’t turn the room sour; is talented in my opinion.

Photo credit: JT Anderson

After touching a wide range of perspective & ‘food for thought’ topics , the show ended with Dj Hard Hittin Harry blasting more jams in celebration of a great night for everyone to party along and a birthday cake for one talented comedian. A successful taping is a great way to start the new year. Check it out out on his Instagram: @tjstandup.

Written by: Ashley James