The Comedy Caucus Fundraiser Show is Happening Tomorrow Night, and You Should Go!

Looking for something fun and productive to do this weekend? Well check out Comedy Caucus in Brooklyn tomorrow night (January 31st) at Crystal Lake. Produced by everyone's favorite comedy photographer, JT Anderson, Comedy Caucus is a comedy show that doubles as a fundraiser in support of Bernie Sanders' run for President!

Regardless of your political preferences, however, the lineup alone is worth checking out. So, even if you're not totally decided about the Bern or prone to politics whatsoever- go for the laughs! Tomorrow night's lineup boasts some seriously funny talent, featuring: Usama Siddiquee (Netflix), Maddy Smith (MTV's Wild N' Out), David Spector (NY Comedy Fest), Sarah Harvard (Vice, Hulu), Kelly Bachman (NY Comedy Fest), and hosted by Bassam Shawl (Buzzfeed).

Reserve your seats here:


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