Stellar Underground at Union Hall!

The Stellar Underground’s latest show, held at Brooklyn bar ‘Union Hall’ was a fun success as seats filled of a diverse audience. As the winter season creeps upon us again we New Yorkers fight seasonal depression by relying on professionals to make us laugh and that’s just what Stellar underground is here for!

This months show was hosted by Nore Davis, who led the line up with chill vibes and realizations, like how mathematical problems may actually be the root to our societal depression. Despite all the talk about ‘the feels’ the night was anything but depressing. Nore delivered a warm welcome for the shows talented, up and coming comedians Stephon Bishop, Ed Prokropski, Alex English, Nash Rose, Nick Simmons, Chanel Ali, Lev Fer & Kaleb Stewert. These comics filled the small show room with laughs stemming everywhere from father/son relationships to Bruno Mars secretly being a virgin. Hey, we’re in NYC there’s a lot to cover.

What’s a good comedy show if you didn’t hear the intimate details of a strangers life? Alex English took to the stage and immediately gave us his take on interracial dating and ‘being born gay’. His bubbly, ‘tell it like it is’ personality drew the audience in as he explained the history of his destiny to be a gay man from the moment his mother had a cesarian birth, and speaking of birth- Ed Prokropski shared his story of being a Chinese baby, adopted by white parents and gracefully compared it to ‘investing in a reliable Honda Accord’.

Stellar’s diverse line up gave the audience a roller coaster of comedy; from Lev Fer’s frustration of PC culture, to Nash’s advisory against edibles, to Kaleb’s cool collected demeanor improvising with the audience, & Chanel’s dry witted humorous personality blessing the stage. Personally, Im still laughing at Nick Simmons' [aka Johnny Bravo's] perception and experience of being sober while clubbing.

I look forward to seeing more from these talented comics. Stellar Underground will be keeping the laughs coming as we prepare for another round of up and coming comedians doing what they do best. Dec 3rd, get your tickets HERE!

Written by: Ashley James


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