Secret Keepers Club Podcast: Your New Unofficial Therapists

Emma Willmann and Carly Aquilino are two women who are not new to the entertainment industry. Emma made her comedy debut on Late Night with Stephen Colbert (which I highly recommend watching) and has since been on the rise. After that, she scored her own 15-minute set on The Comedy Lineup on Netflix and most notably Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the CW. So it's no surprise when she joins the equally talented standup comedian, Carly Aquilino (MTV Girl Code), to create the ever engaging podcast, Secret Keepers Club.

cc: Levity Live (left to right: Carly Aquilino, Emma Willmann)

The podcast has no structure, to its advantage. They dive right into the topics they want to discuss for the intro and it’s refreshing. Instead of going over who they are and background into their personality, we find out who they are by listening to their takes on pop-culture stories and the recent events happening in their personal lives.

The best part about the show (which is the main portion of the show) is answering fan questions. Every question you could think of that you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends or just need another take on- just ask Emma and Carly, the Secret Keepers, which is entertainingly ironic to listen to on a very public broadcast. Through their Q&A portion, they discuss topics like casual dating, relationships with friends and significant others, sexuality, and my personal favorite, plain ole general advice. When listening, it feels as if you’re right in the room with them and having hysterical, unrestrained yet comfortable girl chat. Thus, they've become my new unofficial therapists.

As a bonus, each episode ends with a game of FMK (Fuck, Marry, Kill) in which the topics are also suggested by fans. It includes everything... from our favorite Queer Eye members to our favorite celebrities all the way to our favorite cheeses, the girls rank who or what they would fuck, marry or kill, debating throughout the entire game. Overall, I highly recommend that you hear it for yourself! Check it out on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

Written by: Ashley Karakal



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