Phoebe Robinson Goes to Africa

Phoebe Robinson of 2 Dope Queens (and much more) really needs no introduction on this blog or anywhere else. She’s a battle hardened comic and essayist who has gained success in a way most others would feel intimidated by. She’s been unflinchingly herself the entire way. From her staff writing days on MTVs “Girl Code” to her newest book “Everything’s Trash But It’s Okay,” Robinson has been consistent with her voice and, more to the point of this write up, her mission. She’s nearing the tail end of a trip in Africa right now as seen through her Instagram and other social medias (hey, we’re freaking sleuths on this blog, cut us some slack) and we’re doing a write up because we’re IMPRESSED and INSPIRED.

Photo Credit: Mindy Tucker

She’s been teaming up with Red and One, activist organizations that help prevent the spread of HIV and other diseases in Africa, to genuinely make a difference. It’s so common to see white ass saviors posing next to impoverished children like it’s a photo op and writing some asinine Instagram post about how much their community has taught them. But Robinson is not about that. She has a full understanding of how poverty, preventable illnesses, and education all kind of feed into each other in a vicious cycle, and she wants to make a real difference.  

In one post she explains how the simple commodity of having sanitary pads in proximity will help all of the women at Ng’ombe Open Community School not have to miss out on a week of school every month when their period strikes. The point is – we’ve seen a lot of celebrities go to Africa and take some stupid selfie and we’ve never learned much. But Robinson has gone on a mission and while she’s probably not asking to be put on a high horse and adulated, there’s something we can learn from her. And, maybe even further, we can learn how she handles social media.

There’s a real sense of responsibility that permeates most of Robinson’s online presence. She knows that she could be considered iconic or inspirational to many young fans, particularly young black girls also trying to be comics / writers. As a result, she walks the tight rope of being authentic and hilarious, but also demonstrating that by just having a platform, you’re expected to set an example regarding civil as well as humanitarian issues.

She really is a Dope Queen, damn.

By: Alex Gonzalez

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