New Web Series, Critically Ashamed, Makes an Impact at its Premiere Red-Carpet Event

Last week, the cozy back room of Williamsburg’s Old Man Hustle buzzed with excitement and laughter as the cast, crew, and supporters attended the red-carpet release party and "Fundrager" of a new, painfully relatable web-series, Critically Ashamed.

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The event was meet-and-greet style with each person more humble and excited about the debut of Critically Ashamed’s first season. Although the event touted a red carpet, official logo-clad backdrop and a professional photographer, the party cultivated a welcoming and accessible environment that built excitement for the folks who hadn’t seen the episodes prior to its official November 13th YouTube release date. The event concluded with an official comedy show that featured performances by cast member Usama Siddiquee alongside Eric Gonzalez, Nataly Aukar, Chike Robinson and Caitlin Peluffo.

cc Shark Party Media - [Full Cast, Left to right: Dominick Perrier, Usama Siddiquee, Giuditta Lattanzi, Eric Gonzalez, Lauren Blynder, Franca Paschen, Chike Robinson, Elle Garcia]

The web-series itself is definitely a must-see, and can be breezed though in what feels like under an hour. Starring co-creators Franca Paschen and Giuditta Lattanzi, Critically Ashamed made rounds in independent and comedy festivals across the country, and took home notable awards including the coveted Best Web Series at the Revolution Me Film Festival.

The dramedy follows two young and very-funny New York women who, like most of us, are just doing their best to navigate their way to the top. Audiences follow their concurrent journeys in stand-up comedy and auditions, and also see the less-glamorous parts of showbiz, including the ever-relatable topics of dating, menial jobs, self doubt, social media FOMO, ironic situations, morning-after regrets, and just plain ole’ trying to get by. Whether you’ve already achieved wild success, or have absolutely no clue what you’re doing, Critically Ashamed taps into the collective audiences’ inner desires to be somebody and find love, both from others and within. Apropos of the release party, the web-series promotes the concept that in order to stay sane and truly “make it,” perhaps all you may need is the support and laughter of friends and family.

Overall, Critically Ashamed proves itself as a series that sticks in audiences mind and hooks viewers in with the ever-present question: “What’s next??” You can watch Critically Ashamed’s four-episode first season on YouTube - we promise, you don’t want to miss it!

Written by: Alana Seggman



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