Nathan Macintosh's Second Album is on the Way and It's An Undoubted Success

You’ve seen Nathan Macintosh on your favorite late night TV shows, Comedy Central and in big-name comedy festivals across the US, probably more than once, and if you know anything about comedy, you’ve likely heard his signature voice coming through your speakers at some point. The Positive Anger podcast host is scheduled to release his second comedy album this month, titled Nathan Macintosh: To The Point, available for pre-order one week before its release on March 29th. We got a sneak-preview of the album and can attest: It. Is. Hysterical.

Throughout the album, Macintosh grips listeners by using his distinctive high-energy, restrained-anger tone, coupled with drastic intonation shifts to amplify his punchlines. He translates his passion for his subject matter by speaking quickly yet articulately and uses hyperbole and overlooked parallels to both justify his points and generate riotous laughter from the audience. Incorporating a blend of observational, cultural and dark humor, Macintosh draws upon his personal experiences to poke fun at approachable themes that will have you reconsidering the way you think about the world around you.

More than just a commentary on accessible topics, the album challenges both innocuous and insidious beliefs that are often blindly accepted. Across each of the eight tracks, Macintosh plays devil’s advocate to point out contradictions in today’s zeitgeist and highlight the overall ridiculousness of people (including his family and friends). He peppers his performance with precise adjectives and uses a nuanced approach to provide simple solutions for common issues and reveal hilarious and often disregarded arguments that will have you laughing both at Macintosh’s joke and yourself.

If you haven’t yet seen Macintosh in your local comedy club, on TV, or around various big-time productions, then let Nathan Macintosh: To The Point be your first introduction – you won’t regret it. The album debuts with Comedy Records on March 29th.

P.S. Do yourself a favor and *don’t* listen to this album in public, otherwise, expect strange looks when you find yourself cackling out of nowhere.

By: Alana Seggman

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