Less Bitter, More Glitter: Kendra Cunningham and Katina Corrao Will Brighten Up Your Life

Less Bitter, More Glitter is the power duo album by Kendra Cunningham and Katina Corrao. Shot at the Valley Forge Casino Resort, the album itself is a set split up into their punchlines, diving into their distinct personalities, and it all starts with location itself. Thus, I agree with the pair, that all sets should be performed in close proximity to an Auntie Anne’s. This album is a great listen for anyone who wants to hear shameless banter from two dynamic women making moves in the entertainment industry at a relatable level. It's charming, memorable, and undeniably funny- reeling in the audience as they hang onto every word. Collectively, the album as a whole is as entertaining and interesting as the individual backgrounds of both Kendra and Katina.

Album Art: Julia Johns

Kendra Cunningham, a Boston native, part-time bartender and full-time Brooklynite, reels us in with her daily unique and quizzical anecdotes. If you’re into passive aggressive comedic musings, which I am indeed, this album is for you. She talks about everything from hogging the community fridge at work (listeners can relate to her Joey doesn’t share food vibe) to how she would not be a New Yorker if she didn’t indulge in a bacon egg and cheese over a cramped yoga session in Midtown. Agreed! Her realistic but entertaining point of view really lives up to the title, “Less Bitter, More Glitter”, or at least still bitter but with a whole lot of added humor!

Photo Credit: Mindy Tucker

Katina Corrao, a comedy staple to the New York scene, literally warms up the room with her entrance. As soon as you listen, you’re hyped for the remaining hour. She is an aspiring actress, comedian and co-host of the popular comedy show Lasers in the Jungle. She starts off her set with her reviews on department stores and the humiliating nature of shopping there, and brings the truth serum full circle when she dives into the cut-throat reality of the entertainment business, highlighting some very amusing audition stories, being mistaken for a prostitute, and what goals truly matter in life- landing a commercial or a gender reveal party. Katina consistently reminds us of what we deserve. Even if it's a slice of cake as a reward for participation.

Both Kendra and Katina describe and epitomize the lives of the working woman with big dreams in New York City, and honestly, around the world. I highly recommend listening to this album. It's like having two new girlfriends in your life who are funny and inspiring. Don't just take our word for it, listen to it HERE.

Written by: Ashley Karakal



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