Kate Robards' PolySHAMory is a Must See

Comedian, Kate Robards, delivers a spellbinding narrative about friendship, true love and an open relationship from hell in her one woman show PolySHAMory. The award-winning show kicked off the 2019 Gotham Storytelling Festival; receiving a very positive reaction from audience members. Kate opens the show with relatable childhood tales of growing up poor in rural Texas, her exposure to religion, turbulent teenage moments with Mom, loosing her Dad to cancer at a young age and humorous moments with an empathic best friend, Jackie, who eventually ties into the moral of the story.

Kate went on to captivate the crowd with repetitive usage of the term “Ethical Slut” and a rather memorable comparison of her man’s genitalia to the size of a Smart Water bottle. The thirst quenching jokes continued to pour in as there was never a dry moment inside of the Kraine Theater. I was extremely impressed by Kate’s effortless ability to pack so much raw emotion into one solo performance.

Money can’t buy happiness, true love starts from within and inviting a twenty-two year old life-sized Barbie doll into your marriage may not have been the best idea. However, it will eventually translate into a very enjoyable 75 minutes in the world of comedy.

PolySHAMory leaves you with laughter pains and precious jewels of wisdom. Kate’s charm, catchy punchlines and vulnerability will make you fall in love. If you haven’t seen the show yet I suggest you visit for upcoming show dates.

Written by: Ivory Moses


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