Josh Gondelman's Dancing On A Weeknight Is As Funny As He Is Nice

In these trying times, comedy serves as a refuge for us all, and our favorite comedians and shows provide comedic relief on even the worst of days. But in the case of Josh Gondelman, also known as the “Nicest Guy in Comedy,” he gives us the relief we didn’t know we needed, even on our best days. Author, writer, producer and comedian extraordinaire Josh Gondelman uses his comedy (and his twitter pep-talks, but that’s another story) to uplift our spirits by way of more than mere jokes, and that is nowhere more apparent than in his third comedy album, Dancing on a Weeknight, set to release on April 19th.

Throughout Dancing on a Weeknight,” Gondelman demonstrates that he isn’t like most New Yorkers – he is sanguine and genuine unlike even the most positive of people you know. Listeners can hear Gondelman smile through his performance as he speaks about his life and relays his cheery inner dialogue. He leverages his calm and only-slightly-nerdy demeanor to give weight to his intellectual jokes and dad-jokes but also to intensify audience reactions to more risky jokes. He draws upon real life situations to poke fun at traditional cultural paradigms and manages to find the brightness in both standard, everyday situations and more notable events.

Across the album, Gondelman raises observational humor to new heights. He incorporates hysterical and unexpected analogies to create imagery for the audience and often uses those analogies as a baseline to establish comical, imaginary situations. Gondelman highlights and expands upon those conversations-we-all-wish-would-have-had, and gives hilarious voices to other people and creatures in fictitious situations. He peppers his performance with a dichotomy of sophisticated vocabulary words and urban references alongside uncharacteristic impressions that serve as a vehicle to bring all of his jokes full and leaves the audience wanting more.

Although Dancing on a Weeknight is just one of many of Gondelman’s accolades, it showcases a culmination of hard work and success that defines his unique comedic style after many years of refinement. Whether you’re having the worst day of your life, or the best day of your life, there’s no question – you need Josh Gondelman and Dancing on a Weeknight in your life.

By: Alana Seggman

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