December: A Time for Reflection or Listening to Yung Daddy Podcast

Before you decide to log-in to your friend's Disney+ account to watch The Thirteenth Year, you should check out Lev Fer’s podcast, Yung Daddy, to listen to some material you can actually relate to.

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Ranging from 45 minutes to an hour, this podcast is a great listen for early to mid-twenty somethings who are dealing with the perils of dating and the uncertainty that adulthood brings. Fer is straight to the point, delivering his content with confidence and a sarcastic wit that surpasses the average 22-year-old. He is a great storyteller and commits himself to setting the tone and mood through a variety of light-hearted, entertaining accents that are guaranteed to capture listeners' attention.

In the first part of the show, Fer shares stories and opinions about recent life events, while the last part of the show is focused on answering fans’ questions. He doesn’t fly through these questions; he answers them honestly and gives a full, thought-out opinion – which at times may come across as brazen but is often imbued with the truth people don’t want to admit to themselves.

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In a recent episode, “Opening a Squirting Business”, Fer embraces the reflective spirit of December by recounting earlier and formative experiences that contributed to his present success, which includes acting and securing an agent. This episode also includes some candid advice for those who are pursuing a creative career (listen at 5:17, Episode 81). Other episodes of Yung Daddy are more playful including ones with special guests like Hannah Berner and Ellie Schnitt, who are featured on Episode 71. This is a funny and entertaining, relationship-centric episode.

Overall, Lev Fer is great host, who excels at creating banter between guests that makes you feel like you’re casually overhearing a conversation with some friends. Highly recommend binging on these episodes, especially during the long holiday commute back to wherever your families may reside. Yung Daddy podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and Patreon.

Written by: Emmy O'Leary



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