Andre Kim is Cool, Calm, and Hilarious

Rising star and co-host of podcast In Godfrey We Trust, Andre Kim has been around for a while, quietly touring, headlining and being featured at well-known venues with big-name comedians. Despite his name being rolled in on credits with the likes of ultra-famous comedians, Kim holds his own and manages to stay impossibly cool and humble through all of his comedic work.

Andre Kim cc: Facebook

Both on stage and on In Godfrey We Trust, Kim showcases a very calm demeanor. He’s not one to mince words or make himself particularly animated to stand out, but relies on the element of surprise to drive his sets home as he contrasts his somewhat slower paced delivery with outrageous and perfectly timed punchlines. Throughout his work, it’s clear that he knows just how long to wait between jokes, which jokes deserve a straight-faced delivery and which jokes deserve chuckles alongside the audience’s laughter. Using this knowledge, Kim creates an interesting dynamic between what may seem like a casual conversation with a [much cooler than you] friend and what is very clearly a well-rehearsed and impeccably executed set of jokes.

Kim often uses anecdotal and observational humor to make light of traditionally very heavy topics and manages to mix them with more light-hearted topics. He often touches on topics of race and candidly discusses his place in the world around him as a Korean-American, yet also manages to remain relatable and casually reveal ironic and hilarious details about himself. He always plays to his audience, incorporates a fair bit of crowd work and impressively rolls in improvised lines that somehow seem both on-the-spot and calculated at the same damn time. No matter what the platform, Kim knows what to say, when to say it and how to deliver it for maximum laughs.

Andre Kim cc: Instagram

Based on the upcoming shows and dates his fans can readily find on the internet, it’s very clear that Andre Kim is well on his way to super stardom. If you haven’t managed to see him at a show in the past, Kim is likely to be found at well-known venues on New York City on any given day of the week and can be heard on In Godfrey We Trust’s weekly podcast episodes and seen on his Instagram, @andrethecomedian.  

Written by: Alana Seggman



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