5 Funniest Holiday Tweets From Your Favorite Comedians on Twitter

Yes, it's that time of year again. A chill in the air, the smell of pine trees, chestnuts, peppermint, and impeachment. Whether you like it or not, the mood is joyously festive, and if you're having trouble putting all of your holiday feelings into words, have no fear. We've taken the trouble of collecting some Tweets from a few of our favorite comedians to best encapsulate the season.

For example, the always meme-savvy Janelle James has used the very popular Baby Yoda to illustrate a Christmas moment for the parents:

Of course, if you're childless or just tend more towards the dark side of the holidays, you will appreciate Usama Siddiquee's poignant question of,

For anyone whose family might be inciting some drama this year (and really, isn't there at least one in every family), we have Gianmarco Soresi's cinematic review:

But let's get to the harsher side of the holidays. Anyone traveling by plane for their holiday fun-bligations? Lindsay Theisen really knows how to describe the experience:

And, of course, who hasn't had the joy of the workplace Secret Santa exchange? Abby Rosenquist takes it to an all new and arguably better level with her tweet:

There's a lot to stress about over the holiday season, but at least you know you're not the only one looking for your next drink or possible prostitutional exchange. So wherever you are this season, at least try to find the laughter in the madness.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

Written by: Janessa Kowal



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