Alvin Irby Gets Some Well-Deserved Attention from MLK's Daughter on Twitter

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

As we quickly approach the holiday commemorating the birthday, achievements and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., we at Stellar Underground are happy to see one of our oft-appreciated comedians, Alvin Irby, being acknowledged by Bernice King on her Twitter page. The youngest daughter of the civil rights activist, Bernice King is the CEO of The King Center, and her Twitter is a vibrantly active collection of news and people that embody the Center's ideals of nonviolence, justice, and community. Earlier this month, King tweeted an article recognizing Alvin Irby and his Barbershop Books program, with the caption, “Good in the World.”

We have been on the Alvin Irby train for a while now, the former elementary school teacher first caught our attention with his charming and genuinely funny stand up comedy. He has only continued to impress with his light-hearted children's book, Gross Greg, and more recently, his delightful comedy album Really Dense. Both his comedy and his work as a children's author are deeply tied to Irby's background as a teacher, and educating (especially underprivileged) youth remains a driving force in his life. In the article tweeted by Bernice King, Irby is being recognized for his efforts towards children's literacy through the program he founded, Barbershop Books, which allows young boys to grow and appreciate a love of reading by providing books in barbershops across the country. It is a truly inspirational pursuit, and we are happy to join Ms. King in her acknowledgment of Irby's efforts.

Irby was quick to respond to Bernice King's tweet, thanking her for sharing. This prompted a thoughtful reply from King, saying “Thank YOU, Alvin. What you're doing helps our youth format what my father called their “life's blueprint.” Reading helps us make informed decisions.” To this, Irby followed up with a tweet of appreciation for King's support and encouragement and a link to his TED talk on how to inspire every child to be a lifelong reader.

“Thank YOU, Alvin. What you're

doing helps our youth format

what my father called

their “life's blueprint.”

-Bernice King

No doubt Alvin Irby will continue to garner attention for his amazing work, both in children's literacy and in comedy, and much respect to the achievements of people like him who strive toward a better, more educated (and in Irby's case, funnier) tomorrow. Happy MLK day, everyone!

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