Nimesh Patel: Accomplished But Far From Finished

Usually, in these articles, we wait until the end to tell you to follow somebody. Not this time. Go follow Nimesh Patel NOW @findingnimesh trust us, this guy is a killer.

Nimesh Patel has already done two of the main things comedians pursue, he’s a regular performer at The Cellar and was a writer for SNL. But this is far from the end for him and he’s well on his way to being a household name.

Nimesh is not a big “act-out” comedian. His delivery is reserved but simultaneously confident and reassuring as he carries a steady tone and consistent cadence throughout his set. Reflected in his demeanor, the audience knows that he’s in complete control and that he knows exactly what he’s doing as he mixes in very quick “set-up punch” jokes alongside more traditional formats of humor. He easily gains the trust of an audience by getting them to laugh within 10 seconds of stepping on stage then keeping that laughter consistent for the remainder of the show.

Nimesh combines silly and smart/thought provoking material. He talks about everything from family to tackling topics like racism and racial stereotypes. When it comes to these more sensitive subjects, he's careful not to be preachy, but instead, keeps us engaged and entertained which in itself, is a talent.

It's often most clear how experienced he is as a comic during these more controversial moments in his set. You can feel the crowd become tense, yet he remains calm and breaks the tension by calling it out, all with a lighthearted chuckle. He gracefully guides us through his performance and just as he started... he closes with huge laughs.

You’ll hear more about Nimesh Patel in the future. He’s cool, confident, talented, driven, and we cannot wait to see where he’ll go. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @findingnimesh. He’s a regular at the Comedy Cellar here in New York and you can find his tour dates at

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