Meet Petey DeAbreu: The Quintessential New York Comedian

In a city known for its fast-pace and high-tension, Petey DeAbreu is a fresh breath of seriously cool air. The Bronx native has been around for a few years, performing at comedy festivals, on popular stages around the city and on your favorite podcasts and albums, many of which we’ve reviewed here. He’s calm, he’s cool and he’s definitely going to make you laugh.

In addition to snort-inducing hilariousness, DeAbreu is many other things when he performs: unpretentious, unabashed, confident, nonchalant and skilled without-a-doubt. He integrates a perfect blend of straight-face and silly grins, quick and slow tempo, off-the-cuff and well-rehearsed, and executes each one at the right time to intensify his punchlines. He works with a unique comfortability that makes you feel as though his set exists as a personal dialogue rather than a monologue; that he’s the coolest guy in the room; and that you’re just one of those people entranced by a great story, hanging on for the next part.

Across his performances, DeAbreu thrives on imagination and observational humor. He often creates fictitious scenarios and dialogues, and addresses quintessential New York topics as they relate to himself (and you). He manages to take on a diverse set of topics that all seem to smoothly transition from one theme to the next. He shamelessly and modestly reveals personal details about his life that subtly challenge your preconceived notions of who he may be and uses that surprise to generate completely unrestrained bursts of laughter.

You can find Petey DeAbreu every Wednesday night at 9pm hosting his hot new show "Kumbaya" at Esther & Carol in Manhattan. See you there!

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