Stef Dag: The Funniest Part of Glamour

The biggest appeal about Stef Dag is her work ethic and how prolific she is. She used to write for this very site, as it would turn out, but I digitally met her years ago when I watched her stuff on Funny or Die. Since then she’s developed two separate staged shows, Resistance is Fertile and Nostalgia!, and has been making sketches with her team Last Week’s Trash.

Now she works for Condé Nast Entertainment and if you didn’t know, they are the father company that houses brands such as Vogue, Glamour, Allure, GQ, etc. etc. It’s kind of a fitting job considering Dag herself has numerous varied projects under her own wing. And Stef Dag’s newest project is to inject some of her off the cuff comedy right into the Glamour YouTube page.

In the premier of the new Glamour web series, Dag tries on the six most iconic looks from the 1980s (future episodes will have different decades). With the help of famous fashion designer Montgomery Frazier, she dons colorful day glow look after look. The best way I can describe Dag’s approach to comedy is “enthusiastic sarcasm”. She seems to genuinely enjoy the project and has big ideas for how to test out each outfit: in the prom dress she’s taking prom pictures, in the punk outfit (a purple wig and leather vest) she’s FaceTiming her mom and asking for money.

One of the biggest laughs comes when Frazier talks about the 80s business look. He offers Dag a jacket that’s double breasted to which she rattles back, “Perfect. I’m double breasted too.” And then there’s nothing. Montgomery doesn’t react. In fact, maybe he hated that. But Dag doesn’t push it on him. There are no eyebrow moments, no slick faces to let us know that she also thinks it’s funny. The moment just lingers for one second too long and it’s a hoot.

Stef Dag is definitely a comic to watch. Her comedy style is rich and grounded. It’s not Stef’s world and we’re just living in it (God, I really hate that phrase). It’s our world and it’s a weird world and Stef is just doing her best in it. Whether it’s a sketch about how her fiancé went to Jared (and never came back) or competing with her friend to have the most woke Halloween costume, it’s clear that her comedy comes from the real insecurities of the world.

It’s because of this, that it’s especially fun to watch her dress up and escape into the world of 80’s fashion. But even when she does that, it’s not a real escape. One co-worker tells her to her face that she is not pulling the clothes off, but Dag shrugs her off. Stef wants to genuinely have fun in the work she puts out into the world. It’s not to say that she’s above being the straight man or anything like that. But the world is so dumb and silly that to stand to the side and make wry observations is boring and clearly not why she’s in the game.

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