Gianmarco Soresi Gets His Groove On

You know those times when you're idly stalking the social media of a performer you enjoy, and you notice that they've been boosting up certain skill sets in their repertoire in such a way that it makes you look at them in almost an entirely new light, and simultaneously causes you to be happy for their personal growth and somewhat inappropriately intrigued by their noticeable physical gains?

Well. On a completely unrelated note, comedian, actor, and writer Gianmarco Soresi has begun taking dance lessons and has been updating his progress via social media, and the posts are a satisfying mix of inspiration and wholesome entertainment. Each post, found in particular on his instagram @gianmarcosoresi, gives a brief look into what appears to be some truly delightful classes at Steps on Broadway, and featuring Gianmarco front and center showing off some impressive new moves.

Given his background in studying musical theater, it's no surprise that Gianmarco has decided to step up his game in the dance department. In a way, it shows an ability to harness center stage as never before, and display a side of himself that is footloose and fancy-free. As another young comedian striving for success in New York, Gianmarco knows that there is no Magic Mike that will grant a pass to stardom, but expanding his talents as a dancer can only work in his favor on the road to fame. Long-limbed and lanky, he appears graceful in his updates almost like some kind of beautiful black swan, and as he surely improves over time, we can only hope that he saves the last dance for a wider audience than the dance studio.

So kudos to Gianmarco Soresi, as he continues to put himself out there for his craft and develop his skills. We look forward to following his future work on stage and screen, where it's safe to say that nobody will be putting Gianmarco in the corner.

Bonus video that also proves his mad dance skills:

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