Patti Harrison Gives Us the Best of B*tchy Girl Humor

Patti Harrison recently skyrocketed through the New York City comedy scene, picking up national attention last year for her funny-frank opinion on the transgender military ban (thank you, Dystopian Nation-State) during a segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel.

But Harrison will not be pigeonholed into The Trans Voice of comedy, and often gravitates towards roles and writing that have nothing to do with her gender identity. She keeps the discussion of trans topics on her terms, and jokes that when she came out as transgender, it was heard as “chicken tender.” Okay, yum.

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Far from the beginning of Patti Harrison’s comedic catalogue, she uses her outlandish imagination to poke fun at poets, Donald Trump, Donald Trump supporters, exotic animals, listicles, testicles, and sitcom boardrooms. Her delivery is conversational, and she seems mildly confused that people are laughing. She makes the most of the "Dumb Valley Girl" type trope and is laughing at herself as much as she is her target topic.

This past summer, Harrison picked up podcasting, co-hosting A Woman’s Smile with fellow comedian Lorelei Ramirez. On the podcast, they satirize “girl talk” with a dark twinge, and bring in guests like a chicken squawking Paula Deen or a blubbering Bill Clinton. The pair’s chemistry can be visualized in the VICELAND skit “All This Weed,” where Harrison’s spunky, no-nonsense delivery and unexpected creative turns prevail.

Lately, Patti Harrison has been so busy selling out her comedy shows (I Miss Your Face, a part of the TBS New York Comedy Festival, and her monthly It’s a Guy Thing, with fellow comics Catherine Cohen and Mitra Jouhari) and starring in movies with Blake Lively! Okay, not exactly starring. But, in the recently released Blake Lively film, A Simple Favor, watch for a sleek haired and yellow vested assistant to a fashion mogul. Her film presence is noteworthy not only because of her proximity to Lively, but because it’s something we definitely want to see more of in time to come. We’re looking at you, movie-musical Cats.

If you can’t wait to see her onscreen, Twitter (@Party_Harderson) is where she maintains a steady tweetbase of feminist/political blurbs, but like, in a funny way. Instagram (@party_harderson) is where you can find pictures of her.

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