Have You or Anyone You Know, Not Heard of James Camacho?

It's an exciting moment for anyone in the entertainment industry. The lights. The camera. The action. The paycheck. I'm talking of course about commercials, the bread and butter of every hard-working actor, model and comedian in New York City. Not always glamorous, but that's showbiz, baby.

Speaking of hard-working comedians, allow us to give a shout-out of congratulations to James Camacho, who has recently joined the ranks of professional actors who are talented and also good-looking enough to appear on television. We at Stellar have had our eye on Camacho for a while now as he climbs the comedy ladder to success, and are happily aware of his progress via a recent commercial for a law firm specializing in personal injury cases or as I like to think of them, monetary revenge.

The commercial, though brief, is archetypal of the “Do You Maybe Need a Lawyer” genre. You know the type: when you're browsing late night cable and you see the bold fonts, the dramatic music, and the emphatic citizens who are here to tell you how THEY can turn your woes into cash (THEY of course being the highly trained lawyers at Parker|Waichman LLP). These commercials are truly quintessential to the insomniac experience.

In this particular commercial, our bright-eyed James Camacho is featured in almost the entirety of the laconic advertisement, and though the dialogue may be generic of the injury law firm style, his execution is flawless. For instance, Camacho's emphasis on one of his many two lines, “They'll make them pay, and pay big.”, is enough to send a small shiver down your spine, whether or not you rewatch it a dozen or so times as I may or may not have done. In all seriousness, Camacho is as endearing in this television ad as always, and it is a delight to see him in any kind of context, stage or screen.

And so, whether you have been hit by a distracted driver, or are simply another victim of the general anxieties of life, you can enjoy the dramatic endeavors of James Camacho onstage or in the case of the commercial, his instagram @camachbro. And as he continues his comedic and acting pursuits, may he too get paid, and paid big.

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