People Are Eff'n Up Out There, Khalid Rahmaan and LeClerc Andre Are Here to Talk About It

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Move over Miss Manners, because the comedy podcast “Eff'n Up” is your new source for modern etiquette and cathartic laughter. Does people showering at the gym barefoot gross you out? How about those degenerates at the bar eating out of the communal bowl of nuts? What is the best way to cut off your friend who is way too drunk, or confront them over their open-mouth eating habits?

These are the type of questions that are discussed and dissected by comedians Khalid Rahmaan (Conan) and LeClerc Andre (The Tonight Show) in each episode of their amusingly perceptive podcast, Eff'n Up. Both Khalid and LeClerc have been recognized by Stellar Underground in the past for their excellent work in the NYC comedy scene and beyond, and Eff'n Up is yet another piece of clever comedy that can be added to their list of accolades.

Each episode covers a different topic of some sort of societal significance, such as dining out, weddings, or going to the gym, and features a guest comedian who assists Khalid and LeClerc with their analyzation of the proper etiquette and general acceptable behavior for each situation. With a mixture of insightful observation, deft humor, and thoughtful examination, they say what we've all been thinking (or at least what they have been) regarding such peevish scenarios as the wedding reception with no alcohol provided, or that girl who never offers to split the bill.

Eff'n up asks that iconic question, "Don't you just hate it when?"...and allows the listener to commiserate with the gripes and grudges that follow.

In each discussion, Khalid and LeClerc have a genuine camaraderie with one another and genial energy that makes for some truly easy listening, and the fresh guest comedian provides a unique spin to each episode. Though the featured topics are generally light-hearted in nature, Khalid and LeClerc bring a measure of intellect and thoughtfulness to each conversation that make it all the more engaging as they pick apart the seams of modern society's fraying social fabric. Their break down of modern manners are peppered with anecdotes and relevant facts, as well as such sage assertions as “There's no reasoning with a naked person.”

So, whether you are taking notes on proper tipping behavior, or just laughing along as you use the podcast for soothing background noise, Eff'n Up is a thought-provoking (and laughter-provoking) way to start your day. Both Khalid Rahmaan and LeClerc Andre are continually impressing us with performances around the city as well as a variety of emerging projects. We look forward to seeing this podcast takeoff!

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