Rob Haze to Soothe Your End of Summer Daze

He's got the look, he's got the swag, he's got the smooth voice from Atlanta that delivers jokes in a cadence that's a pleasure to listen to. If you haven't already heard of Rob Haze, it's time to add him to your roster before he is snapped up by the Hollywood elite and starring in the next big comedy film.

Rob Haze may have the dulcet tone of a Georgian, but his humor has an edge that is styled perfectly for the New York comedy scene. Whether sharing anecdotes about his previous life working in a chicken restaurant in an airport, or the modern-day confusion of whether to chip or swipe your debit card, Haze has a voice that is somehow both fresh and familiar. Haze's jokes are delivered with the deliberate, measured pacing of a practiced story-teller that makes for some easy listening. His smooth confidence allows his audience to fully sink into each set-up, and thus be all the more delighted by his punchlines.

With a signature furrowed brow and a look of perplexity that is both endearing and enigmatic, Haze has an easy-going style that will draw you in immediately. His persona is simultaneously that of a close friend, and also that suave guy at the party that is too cool to talk to. Either way, his stand-up has the kind of charm that is easy to watch and even easier to listen to.

Haze has already strutted his stuff on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the latest season of Adam Devine's House Party on Comedy Central. He is also the co-host of the Kanye West centered podcast The Book of Ye, which I can personally attest is both fun to listen to and soothing enough to fall asleep to (did I mention his voice is somewhat melodic?). Rob Haze is on track to the comedy big leagues, and is someone to look out for while he is still touring the comedy clubs of New York and Los Angeles.

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