Ayo Edebiri: The Bubbly Bostonian

Part improv-er, writer for the New Yorker, and stand up comic, Ayo Edebiri has got it all. So much so, that one has to ask: How in the blazes does she do it?! Usually that level of outcome requires several employees and a reliable cocaine habit... but somehow, Edebiri manages to keep it civil and above board. On the surface at least, it appears that her only vices are with Uniqlo’s finest pair of drape jogger pants and Mark Ruffalo. Seriously though, anyone who has the pleasure of seeing her perform will realize that Edebiri is brilliantly entertaining and that she enjoys her work just as much as those experiencing it.

Ayo Edebiri is fun! There’s just no other way to put it. This is of course great for a comedy show, because once she bops up to the mic, you can feel the audience lean in and pay attention. She has enough confidence to fill the room and enough modesty to keep it on her side. Her likability probably has something to do with her overall joy for life, despite how hard it is on her. Regardless of the harshness of her inspiration, Edebiri ends up coming out on top as the triumphant optimist. She’ll ponder about the unbearable difficulties of life with lightheartedness, some giggling, and a few gestures here and there that say: “Hey! Life sucks. But so what?!”

The bubbly and cute stereotype that Edebiri plays so well is abruptly flipped when you realize her material is undeniably current and incisive. She jumps between subjects like gentrification, dating, sexuality, and other dark topics. But it is precisely this contrast between Edebiri’s dark material and her boyish goofiness that makes her so damn funny! Nobody is expecting something so jarring to come from someone so lovable, and it catches the crowd off guard every time.

Ayo Edebiri co-hosts a show every Friday called In Bad Taste at Vital Joint in Brooklyn, so go check it out! And if that isn’t enough Ayo for you, you can follow her on instagram (@ayoedebiri) to find out more about her upcoming shows!

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