Meet Janelle James, Your New Favorite Comedian

If you haven’t heard the name Janelle James before, you simply haven’t been paying attention. She’s toured with household names around the country, she’s been featured on stages in your favorite cities, she has a comedy album out called Black and Mild, she's received awards, TV show credits, major media outlet attention and her resume continues to grow as we speak. Most recently, James was featured in Netflix’s first-ever 15-minute series of standup performances The Comedy Lineup and she’s only just getting started. Establishing her distinctive style across her performances, you’re sure to be seeing a lot more of her.

Without a doubt, James is self-assured. She approaches the stage with an air of comfortability and confidence, minus all the condescension. As she speaks, she blends quick fragmented cadences with slower and succinct proclamations, and produces a performance that feels like a conversation crossed with a stream of consciousness. A seasoned performer, James knows when to hold a straight face and when to laugh at her own punchline.

Much like her variable delivery style, James manages to touch upon many subjects across each performance. Her humor is as dark as it is hysterical - and she’s not afraid to show it. She speaks with conviction as she provides the audience with less-than-rosy glimpses into her personal life, addresses popular risqué subjects like race and politics, and, perhaps best of all, confronts idealistic but overrated stereotypes about the way the world should be. She unabashedly and casually peppers her performance with outrageous statements coupled with a slightly-sinister chuckle to let you know: she’s dead serious. James earnestly calls it like she sees it and says the things you only have the guts to think in your head -and it’s really, truly amazing.

If you’re looking for your new favorite comedian then look no further. Janelle James will quickly be everywhere, and will make you question your morals and force you to make light of your imperfect life in this very weird time known as 2018. Be sure to follow her on her social media channels and check out her website to catch her on a stage near you!

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