The Good Dog Show is an Absolutely Great Way to Spend an Evening

Things that are great and make people happy: 1. Comedy 2. Dogs

Now, if only we could somehow combine the two. Oh wait, it's already been done and it's one of the best things happening in Brooklyn right now. At Fort Greene's own Barkeasy, a dog-friendly attachment to the DSK Kaffee Biergarten, is The Good Dog Show... a monthly comedy show that welcomes our furry friends into the audience and onto the stage.

Interesting fact: jokes, beer, and all things life-related are approximately 100% better when you are surrounded by dogs. This statistic holds true at The Good Dog Show, which features some truly talented New York comedians, who are only slightly upstaged by their fluffy audience members.

At Barkeasy's August comedy show, the audience was treated to an impressive lineup of human comics, as well as some of Brooklyn's goodest boys. The show is hosted by comedian and writer, Jonathan Zeller, (The New Yorker and McSweeney's) who deftly wove the acts together while distributing treats and pets to the four-legged attendants. Between sets, Jonathan invited the dogs to perform tricks for the crowd, and I am using the word literally in its correct form when I say that he, with the help of a canine contributor, had the audience literally howling.

Among the human comedy contributors were Brett Davis, whose comedy has been described by the New York Times as “surrealist” and “peculiarly assaultive,” and whose cupcake ensemble needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

Courtney Fearrington delivered a matter-of-fact observational humor that was as truthful as it was funny, and Mike Recine brought his New Jersey attitude to the Brooklyn stage with a mixture of geniality and insight.

Anna Drezen, writer for SNL and editor-at-large of the “feminist Onion” humor website Reductress, brought her objectively adorable dog Ladybird onstage, which marks the first dog/comedian duo I have personally witnessed, and coincidentally the most I have giggled and said “aww” during a comedy routine.

Alicia Camden delved into the fears and foibles that you can laugh at while you continue to ignore them in yourself, and Bryan Morris had an energetic and expressive boyish charm, complete with an impression of a turtle about to be splooged on, which really says it all.

So, if you can divide your attention between some of New York's best comedic talent and fluffy dogs asking for belly rubs just a few feet away from your seat, then The Good Dog Show is highly recommended. For you, for your treat and pet-loving friends, and for your dogs too.

[Photos courtesy of The Good Dog Show Instagram: @thegooddogshow]

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