Dan Pulzello's Tweets Are Quite Possibly The Voice of a Generation

Few things are quite as satisfying as searching far and wide to unearth relatively unknown and very great things across the ever-expanding internet. On Twitter, a space populated by everything from dog photos, politicians, dark thoughts and humor... an up and coming comedian by the name of Dan Pulzello exists. Guaranteed to brighten up your day and feel a little less alone, Dan Pulzello’s tweets may very well be the voice of a generation.

While most people use Twitter as a space to spout hateful speech, word vomit about their day or cry about how lonely they are (help me), Pulzello uses it to make light of the darkness of life. Often with himself as the butt of the joke, he pokes fun at his seemingly futile journey to stardom, his struggle to “normally” cope with interpersonal relationships and absurdist social norms. With tweets like “I want you to be happy without me but I also want regret to consume your life” and “Just got done swiping on Bumble for an hour and boy are* my thumbs** tired (*is, **soul),” Pulzello showcases his vulnerability and is unafraid to say what we all actually mean.

He uses his platform to tackle the tough subjects, taking polls on pressing issues like “who [actually] got the beat to make your booty go clap?” He calls attention to the true nature of autumn, pointing out that although it’s an exciting time, it’s also “the annual death of every leaf.” With the continued promise to “feel nothing” as his platform expands, he retweets on-brand bits from Stellar alum comedians, bringing his devoted followers the best of ironic and dark sentiments across the Twittersphere.

In the perfect blend of observational humor, one-liners, dark humor and nonsensical truths, Pulzello speaks to a generation of millennials. Highly relatable, he makes all of us with slightly-sad but totally trying-to-do-better lives feel a little less alone. Not afraid to admit he has nothing together, Dan Pulzello deserves to be heard. For bursts of comfort throughout your day, follow him at @DanPulzello.

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