The Best Damn Baby Shower Ever

When you hear the words “baby shower” you probably think pastels, baby games, bite-sized snacks and a very pregnant woman, right? We’re here to change that. Every Tuesday night, a once monthly but now weekly show, Baby Shower at Grey Lady brings you a much, much better time. Produced by comedians Tobin Miller and Steven Rogers, Baby Shower is consistently packed with well known comedians (some you've even seen on Comedy Central, Conan and The Tonight Show), and is the newest show you should be attending week after week.

Baby Shower feels like one of New York’s best-kept secrets: in the back room of an upscale bar, the intimate setting gives that special speakeasy vibe that allows the audience to see comedians under a different light. Last week, Baby Shower featured comedians Mark Normand, Joe Machi, Samantha Ruddy, Jay Jurden, Tobin Miller and Kenny Garcia with Steven Rogers as the host. Many of the comedians used the intimate setting and borderline too-close feeling to their advantage, improvising jokes to lighten the mood while showcasing their distinctive styles.

Steven Rogers revealed qualities about himself the audience could relate to, acknowledging anxiety, selective paranoia and general not-quite-knowing-what’s-best. Mark Normand started the line up with quintessential and outrageous one-liners, all delivered with his half smirk/half straight-face trademark. Joe Machi played on his own awkwardness and contrasted his innocent demeanor with hysterical and dark jokes. Samantha Ruddy took observational humor to new heights as she incorporated her personal life into very funny yet seemingly trivial and easily overlooked life tidbits. Jay Jurden showcased his self-security while hilariously tackling tough social subjects like sexuality, police brutality and the healthcare system. Tobin Miller provided insights to his personal life and true desires as he joked about his encounters with women, first dates, and what he’d do if he won the lottery. Kenny Garcia energetically closed the show and gave his take on Puerto-Rican dad advice and also pointed out the flaws in Disney movies that we all purposefully ignored.

If you’ve been looking to keep your pulse on the New York comedy scene and catch these up-and-coming comedians as they become household names, Baby Shower is the show for you. Baby Shower continues to deliver a solid lineup wherein comedians showcase their truest comedic styles and leave the audience wanting more every time. Don't believe us? Go see it for yourself at Grey Lady NYC every Tuesday night, 9pm.

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