Jacqueline Novak: The Overly-Honest Friend We All Need

Jacqueline Novak has proven herself as a comedian to be reckoned with. Aside from her exceptional stand up which has gained her a spot on The Tonight Show and The Late Late Show, Novak has dabbled in a number of other artistic mediums. She wrote a book called How to Weep in Public, and has also hosted a web series/talkshow of the same name in which she holds intriguing conversations with family members and fellow funny people such as Lena Dunham. Novak is currently working on her one woman show How Embarrassing for Her, which she is preparing to bring to a number of venues and festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland.

Novak’s delivery is energetic and erratic. Her visible and audible frustration almost always gets wails of laughter from the crowd. And rather than having obvious setups and clearly structured punchlines, she stumbles through an idea frantically, skipping across jokes along the way. Novak can do this because she’s comfortable with the crowd. She likes them. She wants to know what they think. Her disjointed style makes her overall performance more spontaneous and natural, making it hard to tell which bits are planned and which are ad-libbed. Of course she has some sort of structure beneath, but watching her perform with such confidence makes one wonder whether or not she would need such solid, prepared material as a safety net.

Sometimes Novak likes to imply that she’s shy and helpless, but then fires back at that stereotype with hilariously provocative jokes. As she says herself, she does not like to “take the stage”, but she compensates for this meekness with raunchy and ruthless material. Human anatomy as a topic is a personal favourite of Novak’s. She has truly explored her own figure and that of the opposite sex to concerning depths, and the crowd can’t get enough. Novak is shameless and could not give a damn about it. Specifically, she deconstructs her faults and then proceeds to defend them mercilessly. Think of it like a “sorry not sorry” kind of formula. Premises such as “I like to eat” or “I have a body”, imply a following thought which goes something along the lines of: “Yeah, deal with it”.

Jacqueline Novak’s one-woman show is like a cross between stand up and her philosophical musings on subjects like toothy blowjobs, the indignity of the human form, her issues with heterosexuality, and struggling to pronounce words without a lisp. And yes, it is as entertaining as it sounds. Be sure to check out her vids on Youtube and her comedy album Quality Notions on iTunes!

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