Just for Laughs Festival Had Just a Few Familiar New Faces This Year

Comedy fans everywhere have been abuzz as Montreal's “Just for Laughs” comedy festival, considered the largest in the world, wraps up after its run from July 11th to July 29th. Headliners this year included Dave Chappelle, David Cross, Kevin Hart, and Trevor Noah, along with many other names on the long list of “Comedians I'd love to See Live Someday.”

This international gathering of top-notch comedic talent is a kind of mecca for those who are seeking to present their work, which makes sense, since the Just for Laughs festival just so happens to be one of the largest gatherings of talent scouts, booking agents, producers, and managers from the entertainment industry today. Many careers have been assisted in their launch via this platform, notably those of Hannibal Buress, Jimmy Fallon, and Michelle Wolf.

This being the case, the “New Faces” series of the festival is the perfect place for up-and-comers to showcase their skills. And we here at Stellar Underground sure do love our up-and-comers!

So we are especially pleased to note that four of the comedians we have featured here in the past were in this year's “New Faces” lineup, including:

Paris Sashay:

As we recently covered, Paris Sashay's easygoing yet biting style is a winning combination. Originally from D.C., Sashay is living in New York and with both personal anecdotes and social commentary, this comedienne had Montreal's audiences laughing and thinking at the same time.

Usama Siddiquee:

We're certainly not surprised to hear that Usama Siddiquee made it into this year's lineup, after eagerly following his playful, exuberant style here in New York. This energetic charmer continues to spin subjects of culture, religion, and race in such a way that is as engaging as it is funny.

LeClerc Andre:

Showing up under the “Unrepped” portion of the “New Faces”, (meaning, without professional representation), LeClerc Andre is another comedian who we have been happy to review in the recent past. His style, flair, and colorful New York perspective has put him on our radar as a suave-yet-silly comic to keep an eye on.

Dan Perlman:

Another comic in the “Unrepped” category, Dan Perlman has been impressing us for a while, along with the audiences of the New York Television Festival, for which he has had four projects featured (including the award-winning comedy series, “Flatbush Misdemeanors”. As a writer-filmmaker and stand-up comic, Perlman continues to draw us in and we continue to look forward to it.

As we continue to watch and perhaps fan-girl (or boy) out over the rising comic stars of New York, it is with great pleasure that we offer our sincere congratulations to these four comedians, and to all the comedians who performed as part of the Just for Laughs comedy festival. It is truly exciting to watch these burgeoning careers and anticipate all of the hilarious work in store.

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