Ja-Ron Young Produces Hilarious New Sketch With His Team: The Unusual Culprits

We live in a time of conveniences, where everything from food to transportation is ready and waiting at the touch of our fingertips. This digital age has made life easier for everyone, including the more...unsavory characters among us. Such is the premise of the share and like-worthy new sketch "New Form of Theft", written and produced by comedian Ja-Ron Young and fellow comics of the group Unusual Culprits.

The scene: a New York City apartment building that looks a little too much like mine. There is an ominous feel as a sinister-looking man waits for his unsuspecting victim to enter before his attack. A typical mugging, except as our victim attempts to hand over his wallet, there appears to be a problem. This thief is part of our new digital era, and he doesn't take cash.

Here the sketch turns from a Law and Order scene into a commercial for Venmo, the money-sharing app for your everyday needs! So convenient, it even makes robbery a breeze. And, if news of Venmo hasn't yet reached the cave you happen to be living in, it's an app which enables instant money transfer to whomever you know and is the preferred new method for paying your roommates, friends, or cam-girls. Anyone can use it, which brings in the hilarious question raised by the sketch: just what other applications does this money-sharing technology have?

Ja-Ron Young (pictured above) plays the second victim in the sketch, someone who clearly knows the thief and has been down this road before. His look of resignation as he dutifully taps away the money on his phone is a hilarious moment of sketch writing and acting. The entire video, in fact, is well-done from the writing to the acting to the editing, featuring exceptionally convincing performances by comedians Juan Escalante (victim one) and Lee Valentin (thief), and shot and edited by Stewie Vill and Mario Benitez. The team, collectively known as the Unusual Culprits, seems to be producing some quality comedy content these days, and we look forward to more videos and entertainment from them!

Until then we are left with the new knowledge that, “Robbing motherf*****s just got easier!”

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