Derek Gaines and Monroe Martin Launch New Podcast: No Need For Apologies

Derek Gaines (The Last O.G.), and his partner in crime, Monroe Martin (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon), have teamed up to make a hilarious weekly podcast for your listening pleasure. It is smart, intriguing, current, and most importantly: funny. It’s called No Need For Apologies, and although it’s a guarantee that you won’t be hearing any apologies, you’ll definitely want to thank them for getting together and making this comedy gold!

The dynamic between these two brilliant comedians is really what you stay for once you’ve pressed the play button. Their chemistry is undeniably natural and the conversation flows beautifully from one humorous insult to the next. This means the discussion rarely gets stuck on the same topic for too long because both Gaines and Martin make a conscious effort to keep the show moving forward as seamlessly as possible. They're basically shooting the breeze while keeping the pace and structure intact, and this leaves the listener feeling informed as well as 'in on the joke'.

Because Martin and Gaines know each other so well, they can talk about literally anything they want. You’d be surprised how many secrets they’re willing to spill about one another, and hearing them try to top each others’ embarrassing stories is truly hysterical. This pair of jokers likes to stoke the fire. Fueled by strong opinions, they talk about race, mental illness, news stories, politics, and basically anything else that screams controversy. But don’t worry, it never gets so intense that you want to bail, because these two know exactly when and how to keep it entertaining. Yes, they might talk about dark or troublesome topics, but it’s all in good (and sometimes educational) fun. They seemingly attempt to destigmatize so much of what is taboo in today's society, and as you might have guessed, they’re not going to apologize for it any time soon.

Although they’re still building their podcast repertoire, you can stream all the episodes to date of ‘No Need For Apologies’ on Soundcloud, iTunes, PlayerFM, and all those other techy sites that do podcasts n’ stuff. So treat yourself the next time you have a long commute by listening to Derek Gaines and Monroe Martin crack each other up. You'll likely find yourself cracking up right along with them!

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