Sam Jay's First Comedy Album, Donna's Daughter, Sets The Bar High

If you didn’t hear the pre-release hype, you’ll surely hear the post-release reviews for Sam Jay’s first comedy album, Donna’s Daughter, that was released on Friday, June 6th. With a slew of impressive credits on her resume, she now adds a telling and laugh-out-loud-in-public comedy album – and we’re here to give you a quick run down.

Donna’s Daughter is more than just a series of funny jokes. Throughout the album, Sam interweaves interludes of personal one-on-one conversations that reveal lesser-known details of her personality and her life. Her casual, off-the-cuff and hilarious on-stage persona is contrasted by moments of confliction and admissions of her once feeling "lost". The interludes allow listeners to see where her inspiration comes from and her very impressive ability to make light of tough situations pertaining to interpersonal relationships, sexuality, humility and family. All the while, brilliantly incorporating seemingly persuasive music that really pulls you into the experience of the topic at hand- a clever and innovative way to steer the attention and emotions of listeners. Over the course of the 14 tracks, Sam highlights her transformation from adolescence to adulthood, from 'straight' to lesbian and from lesser-known to, now, a very big deal.

With titles like “Dick Juice,” “Eatin’ Ass” and “White Aliens,” it was safe to assume Donna’s Daughter would be full of laughs, irreverence and outrageous punchlines. Each of the tracks on the album seem to make light of accessible yet often unspoken themes including being broke and forced to resort to taking uber pools, periods, figuring out your sexuality, gay relationship dynamics, dicks and even the current political climate that we have Hwhite Hwomen to thank for (to name a few). Yes, we’ve all been confronted with these topics in our own personal way, perhaps even had a private discussion about them too, but Sam brings them to the forefront of the conversation and unites listeners with her candor and ability to transform seemingly benign and behind-the-scene struggles many of us face into bold and hysterical revelations.

In a few words... Sam Jay's first comedy album, Donna’s Daughter, is revealing, relatable, bold, and spit-out-your-drink hysterical (just ask my computer). If you’re in need of some feel good and laugh-your-woes-away fun, download Donna’s Daughter on your favorite streaming app (Tidal, iTunes, Spotify, etc...) – you won’t regret it.

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