Meet Your New Best (Facebook) Friend: Nick Simmons

Sure, we'd all love to have the time, energy, and finances to hit up NYC's comedy clubs whenever we want our funny fix, but sometimes it's necessary to enjoy some quality humor from the comfort of your Netflix, Twitter, or even, yes, Facebook. And, just when you thought great Facebook status updates were like, so not a thing anymore... you discover a gem such as New York stand up comic, Nick Simmons. Described in one of his online bios as “often mistaken as a cast member from the jersey shore”, Nick Simmons is a strapping young addition the comedy scene who I am confident could bench press me quite easily, and when he's not performing stand up or hitting the gym, happens to fill his Facebook profile with statuses that are as hilarious as they are well crafted.

Many of Simmons' jokes on Facebook are centered around his workout and diet regimen, and yet are somehow both snicker-worthy and relatable to someone like myself, whose gym membership is currently collecting cobwebs. I, too, get most of my cardio from walking back to the apartment for something I forgot, and his sly gibe towards CrossFit had me chortling audibly:

And in reference to dieting, who can't relate to the woes of counting calories, even with calories that really aren't meant to be counted?

But there is more to Simmons than his meritable muscles, as evidenced by some of his jokes that border on philosophical, such as his pondering on the working of success and the universe:

And his tongue-in-cheek response to a classic taunt towards homosexuality shows an ability to find humor in controversy, while providing his own roguish insight on the matter:

In an age where news and jokes alike are only as good as the tweet they are composed of, it is important to be able to craft the perfect bite-sized remark, and Simmons seems to have a knack for it. He manages in just a few brief lines to convey his style and wit, as in his two jokes regarding the never-ending struggle of the New York commute:

Of course, along with the goldmine of funny status updates, Nick Simmons' Facebook is choc full of posts regarding his many shows and projects, as he is constantly performing all around the city. Taking his online jokes as a delicious sample, his stand up is certainly worth checking out, and we are happy to add him to our list of comedians to watch out for. (Now go add him on Facebook!)

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