Picture This! Paints A New and Very Funny Picture

Picture This! isn’t a new-to-the-game type of comedy show, but its concept certainly is. The show itself has been going on for just over six years, making its monthly rounds in an impressive list of major cities across America and in festivals over the world. Brought to life by Brandie Posey and Sam Velera, Picture This! finds itself in New York each month at Union Hall featuring new and very funny acts each time.

The one-of-a-kind live comedy show pairs stand up comedians with well known in the industry animators and cartoonists. During each comedian’s set, the animator will draw on a screen that's projected on stage… just about anything he or she wants. The animations could be anything from caricatures of the performer to, as you probably guessed, a couple of dicks. While the topics are presented in each comedian’s act, the animator isn’t specifically prompted to draw one thing over another. Created with the intention of pushing the boundaries of comedy, Picture This! does just that.

During their performances, comedians are forced to interact with a new element that subtly reveals a new and improvised feature of their comedy. The unrehearsed aspect of the show is where the real laughs are: while of course each act is funny, the laughs become amplified as the comedians acknowledge the live-action drawings just behind them. Unsuspecting comedians are coerced into breaking their train of thought and staying on their toes as the audience listens to their planned jokes while laughing at the in-the-moment drawings. Each performance also allows animators to reveal their quiet comedic side, thus bringing out the best and the funniest in everyone on the lineup.

If you’re looking for a stand up comedy show that incorporats art and improvisation, then look no further. Picture This! features some of your favorite comedians (and Stellar Alumni) and showcases their ability to be just as funny on the spot. Check out the Picture This! website to find the next showing in a city near you.

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