From Paris Sashay, With Love... and Laughs

Paris is a tough name to live up to, but this skilful comedian does not disappoint. Paris Sashay is dressed to impress and ready to flaunt some of the finest comedy on the circuit. And, if it’s not her style that gets the attention of the audience, it is definitely her jokes. She has been treating crowds to her comedy stylings in venues like the DC Improv, The Apollo, and The NY Comedy Cellar- to name a few. And, you better believe she’s not gonna stop there!

Once Sashay has the crowd hyped up, she glides into her material and gets people giggling straight off the bat. She may seem chill or even modest, but in reality, she is burning up inside with excitement, anger, and shock. Sashay doesn’t need to jump around the stage to tell a joke because she can convey so much with just the volume and pitch of her voice! By leaping across her vocal range, or from a whisper to a yell, she generates surprise and huge laughs among the audience.

Throughout her set, Sashay looks like she’s just feeling out the crowd, but she really has them eating out of the palm of her hand. She knows when to hold back, when to rush, and when to pause. Often, during one of her pauses, she’ll amplify a laugh by simply tilting her head or shifting her eyes. It’s subtle, but it’s brilliant. She rarely locks-in with any individual member of the audience, but she doesn’t need to because she already has the attention of the entire room.

Usually inspired by real events, Sashay could tell stories about her experiences with dating, race, public transportation, or even casual alcoholism. Her premises are strong and contain the perfect amount of detail needed to get a crowd onboard. But it’s not like she’s preaching to anyone... she is just trying to 'explain shit'. At the end of the day, she’s just getting a bunch of strangers to try to understand the difficulty of the predicaments she gets herself into, and as harrowing as these moments may have been when they happened, she effortlessly manages to turn them into outstanding comedy.

So what more can I say about Paris Sashay? Eh: Go see her! She has rolled with the punches like a champion, and she’s only getting better. Watch this space!

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