Rashad Bashir is the Comedy Hit You Need

With years of experience under his belt, it’s safe to say that Rashad Bashir knows his way around the New York comedy circuit. He has earned himself some impressive accolades, especially at venues in Harlem. He hosts a weekly open mic at Harlem Nights and also just recently performed at The Apollo. As well as this, Bashir is also the co-creator and producer of a comedy show at Caroline’s which is up for its fifth installment on June 28th. The show is called Better Not Bring Your Kids, but you should definitely bring your buddies because it is AWESOME!

From the moment Bashir steps onstage, it’s impossible to look away and it’s hard to decide which is more attention-grabbing: his thundering voice or his body. And, when I mention “his body”- I’m talking about how he will use literally all of his limbs to help visualize a joke and increase laughter tenfold. Bashir moves around every square inch of the stage, which is great as a member of the audience because you’re constantly trying to anticipate where he’s going to go next. His presence and energy are so on point that it’s hard to find a moment in his set where he seems even a smidge unconfident.

In addition to his animated style, Bashir’s material is guaranteed to keep the crowd locked in and laughing from the jump. He is very analytical, and he likes to pick apart the details of everything from life and death to dating and sex. It’s all quite personal stuff, but it’s not always just about him. He likes to involve the crowd. A lot. Whether it’s addressing a tension in the room or simply just having a casual chat, he can turn crowd-work into hilarious content. He intertwines this riffing with his material so seamlessly that it’s hard to tell where one starts and the other ends. However, Bashir’s improvised stuff always gets some of the biggest laughs, and he does it without even breaking a sweat.

Basically what I'm saying is... go check out Rashad Bashir! If you can’t make it to his comedy show at Caroline’s on June 28th, you can catch him at the open mic he hosts at Harlem Nights every Monday at 6:30pm. Seriously people, this man is so busy that you have no excuse NOT to see him!

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