Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin Are Sick of Seeing Red in New Clorox Commercial

Comedy isn't just a platform for entertainment, but for informing the masses, providing insightful social commentary, and perhaps even inspiring hope for the disenfranchised. Four comedians have done all this and more in a new commercial for...period stain remover? Yes, that's right, this taboo subject has been tackled by some of our favorite funny ladies, including Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin, who you may know from one of their many delightful projects such as The Unofficial Expert podcast, Washington's one-woman show, or Faustin's ever-engrossing comedic musings via the world of social media.

The commercial, for a new Clorox product called “Totally Spotless,” is being featured at and gets down and dirty with an unabashed look at the universal struggle of feminine hygiene. In a refreshingly frank style, Washington and Faustin join fellow female comics Ali Kolbert and Carly Aquilino in giving playfully personal descriptions of certain, ahem, inconveniences experienced by the fairer sex. You know, like period blood. Each lady shares embarrassing truths that any woman can laugh (and cry) along with, whether it's the fear of white couches, or saving those last preciously untainted undergarments for a special occasion. The commercial is not only an endorsement for a very specific kind of stain remover, but a powerful statement for women who have struggled too long in silence with one of the most basic functions of their bodies.

I can only imagine that the more testosterone-inclined may be somewhat turned off by the commercial, but while men might not be the target audience, the openness of the video makes one hope for a time when a woman can discuss such matters without a hushed voice and secretive glance over her shoulder, or at least with the same impunity as a man discusses the mechanics of his penis.

So whether you're looking for such a product yourself, or just some earnest laughs, check out these four talented ladies talking about their underwear... Watch video here.

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