Nore Davis Makes Late Night Television Debut on Conan

Familiar face and comedian extraordinaire Nore Davis isn’t new to the comedy scene – or Stellar Underground for that matter. He is, however, new to Late Night TV as he made his debut on Conan last week. In case you missed it, we’re here to fill you in.

If you’ve been keeping up, then by now you already know what defines Davis’ comedic style, and his performance on Conan stayed true to that. Without a microphone, Davis became even more expressive (who knew it was possible?). Using facial expressions and dynamic hand gestures, he told a story and showcased his feelings about very real topics. Directing his gaze to every section of the audience, he transformed the platform into more of a conversation, rather than a one-sided performance. Switching up his cadence and pitch, he used his voice to evoke emotion from the audience and generate hearty laughs.

Also in true Nore Davis fashion, he discussed the full battery of pressing topics in just under five minutes. Reflecting on toxic masculinity, sociopolitical issues, sexuality, and the state of the nation (to name a few), Davis once again lightened sensitive and tangible topics. He demonstrated his own woke-ness and made pleas for others to wake up and be a little nicer, all while remaining accessible and very, very funny.

Let us take this opportunity just to say: we told you so. Nore Davis is about to blow up – and faster than you think. If you somehow haven’t checked him out yet:

1.) what are you even doing? 2.) you’d better start. It’s no doubt that you’ll soon be seeing him everywhere, whether you like it or not!

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