Recap of Last Week's Terribly Entertaining News

In the strangely dystopian timeline we find ourselves experiencing here in 2018, the past week has held some extra special absurdity in the wild world of Entertainment News. Now that every offensive thought can be snapchatted, instagrammed, and live tweeted by every C-List Celebrity and/or head of state, the scandals are happening almost faster than you can count. Keeping abreast of the constant parade of sex abuse, blatant racism, and generally abhorrent behavior can be exhausting, so here is a quick recap of what had the social media world abuzz.

Drake's Black Face Faux Pas.

Everyone loves a good rap beef, a.k.a. the soap operas of the hip hop world, and if you haven't been following the current drama unfolding between Drake and Pusha-T, it involves such juicy details as Drake fathering a child with a porn star, and a provocative photo of him in blackface from 2007. In an instagram story which may or may not have been written by a team of PR ghostwriters, Drake has defended the photo as an attempt to “bring awareness to the issues we dealt with all the time as black actors at auditions.” and to “highlight and raise our frustrations with not always getting a fair chance in the industry”, to which Pusha responded, “You are silent on all black issues, Drake, with a huge platform.” A popcorn-worthy beef for sure, and not over yet, as fans have now unearthed old Pusha tweets calling a black flight attendant “Sambo,” and referring to him as “YOU MONKEY”.

And now that we're on the subject:

Roseanne's Severe Allergic Reaction to Ambien Causes Acute Racism.

We've all been there: addled by sleep aids, needlessly posting away on a platform that is viewed by, say, the entire fan base of the television show you've managed to successfully revive after almost 30 years, and you are so suddenly struck by medically induced lack of self-control that you accidentally spew a hateful comment which then gets said television show canceled. Happens all the time.

It's hard to know which is most upsetting: Rosanne's racial insensitivity, her total disregard for everyone who was employed by the show, or the way she has ruined the warm feelings of nostalgia that used to be felt by those of us who grew up with the original show. Thanks a lot, Ambien.

Speaking of people who fill Twitter with unhinged and generally racist opinions, the POTUS made history this week yet again by being the first head of state to tackle prison reform with someone who can bring their experience in viral sex tapes to the table. Finally! Not everyone is thrilled with the meeting, however, leading to such Twitter reactions as Robert Baker's:

And this possible schedule of other upcoming meetings in the White House:

Of course one never truly know what will happen next, whether in our politics or in our entertainment. So if you can keep up with the diss tracks, twitter feeds and instagram stories that hold all of today's current events, you may just be prepared to face whatever is about to happen in the next week.

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