It's Britney B*tch - And We're Talking About Her (In a New Podcast)

The scene is December 2017: Hold On One Second We’re Talking About Britney Spears (HOOSWTABS) hosts, Ashley Hamilton and Claire Parker, quietly-not-so-quietly begin a revolutionary, ground breaking, and historic podcast that makes you think -- it makes you ask the tough questions in life. Listening to HOOSWTABS, you begin to wonder: How did I get here? What made me the person I am today? Are other people like me? Are celebrities just like us? What would Britney Spears do? And, perhaps, most importantly: Is it really Britney, b*tch? HOOSWTABS listeners will all agree: it’s Britney’s world, and we’re all just living in it.

Comedians and HOOSWTABS hosts Hamilton and Parker take each episode to bring the dialogue back to Britney. While some episode are more Brit-centric than others, the hosts manage to draw listeners in with their banter, discussion of pop culture figures, feminism, and, surprisingly, the ways in which Britney Spears actually, genuinely and literally paved the way for hyper-sexualized and expressive women pop stars. From a critical analysis of her albums to her Super Bowl performance... From her red carpet lewks to her saving the Pepsi brand, the podcast will satiate your Brit-fix. Bringing it back to listeners, the hosts discuss relatable topics and bring it back to Britney, subtly imploring listeners to draw strange parallels between Britney’s life and their own.

Of course a key piece in the appeal of HOOSWTABS, the banter between Hamilton and Parker keeps listeners giggling (and in my case, public bursts of laughter) and engaged throughout each episode. The hosts take their long-standing friendship and invite listeners into their personal lives as they share embarrassing facts that always come back to Britney.

If you’re looking for a new podcast that will not only keep you up-to-date on your latest Britney facts but will also allow you to think introspectively in unexpected ways, then look no further. Ashley Hamilton and Claire Parker will gladly welcome you with open arms each week and into the divine light that is Britney (b*tch).

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