Brian Enck: The Perfect Combination of Nerdy, Funny, and Cool

Brian Enck is a lot like that one substitute teacher you had for 2 weeks in high school that was actually kind of fun. It seems like he doesn’t really care if he fails at his job, but still somehow inspires and makes you laugh uncontrollably. This gifted comedian is no stranger to some of the most popular stand up venues in New York, and he also hosts his own weekly show at Yonkers Comedy Club called Silly Sundays. So, it’s safe to say he knows what he’s doing. Enck finds that sweet spot between energetic and a chilled out delivery, but don’t let his laid back attitude and cheshire grin fool you... this kitty got claws.

Enck likes to test the boundaries with his comedy. Often, he’ll try some edgy material, but if he is confronted by angry hecklers along the way, he has no problem destroying them with grace. Ironically, it is this very ability that adds to his charm on stage and not only elevates his skill set as a featured act, but also makes him the perfect host. He has a knack for building rapport with the audience while easing their guards down to the point that the dynamic shifts and suddenly, it appears he's just having a conversation with friends. He can ad lib a joke with a complete stranger and work it into his set as if it was previously planned but knowing that it’s made up on the spot only makes it more hilarious for us.

Enck's act is brisk and seamless. He often starts a joke with a little quip to make the audience chuckle, and then continues to talk over their laughter in order to expand the joke and rake in a collective guffaw. Witnessing him transition between stories this way is like watching a professional surfer glide onto a rising wave, and it’s an absolute thrill to watch. Aside from his edgier content, he likes to let you know that he’s just another nerdy white guy who is bullied almost as much now as he was in high school. No, he’s not looking for empathy. He's just found a way to harness the difficulties of life into sweet, delicious comedy.

Thankfully, Brian Enck’s online presence is as strong as his performances and he gives frequent updates about his shows on Instagram. So make sure to give him a follow: @Benck

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