The Tight Five: Stand Up NY Offers a Course for Your Comedy Edification

In a city molded by the dreams of its inhabitants, New York is still the premiere place to develop the craft of stand up comedy. So whether you're a comedy veteran with countless open mics under your belt, or a bashful beginner who nods into the mirror and thinks, “yeah, that joke would kill on stage,” there are a plethora of resources to aid you in your comedy education. One such resource is Stand Up NY, a comedy club on the Upper West Side which has been a platform for many an illustrious career including that of Chris Rock and Jon Stewart. Open since 1986, Stand Up New York has long hosted programs which aim to help those in their comedic journey, and has now released a trailer for an online course called “The Tight Five.”

Yes, The Tight Five, which to the uninitiated is not in fact a new sex position, but rather refers to the best five minutes of a comedian's material, which is specifically arranged to have the biggest impact on the audience. The course features seven professional comedians from Comedy Central, Netflix, HBO, and Late Night, who have summarized years of first-hand knowledge into a set of videos in which they teach you what they know, and “even reveal big mistakes they made coming up in the business so you don't have to make them, too.” In the trailer for the course, comedian Aaron Berg refers to stand up as “the most raw art form I know,” which manages to succinctly put into words all the beautiful madness that stand up comedy encompasses as a craft.

Though the theme of this course may be to develop your perfect five minute set, it seems to include a little bit of everything: developing your own personal style, finding material and punchlines in your everyday life, proper joke structure and arrangement, and performance techniques. It is a course truly made by comedians, for comedians, and features a group of accomplished comics who have earned their stripes in the world of stand up, and are offering up some hard-won insight to the new comedy generation.

So, are you ready to join the new onslaught of stand up comics, poised to unleash their outrageous outlooks upon the world? Are you perhaps more modest, a curious curator of the comedic arts, interested in developing your abilities as you weave your act on and off the stage? However you view your comedy career, the trailer for Stand Up NY's new online course is free to view at Stand Up NY Education on Youtube, and might just hold the inspiration you've been looking for.

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