Ian Lara Hosts New Gameshow App, Out of Tune, And It's On The Money

From watching Ian Lara’s social media the past month or so, it’s clear that he’s been working on what was once a mysterious, top secret project. There had been snaps of various camera rigs, lights and green screens all promising something big. Naturally, we wanted to know more so we reached out to Ian and were lucky enough to get an inside look at what he and his team had been working on. We were not disappointed.

What was revealed to us is an app called Out of Tune, a user friendly gameshow designed to be played right from your phone. What sets it apart from being just another game app is that it’s actually a live recording where users play along in real time at the instructions of the hosts. Anyone can be a contestant right from their phone AND win a cash prize. Yes, you read that correctly, there’s cash. Out of Tune is a live gameshow app hosted by Ian Lara and his right-hand man, DJ 8pm (and on alternating shifts the hosts are Melody Alanna and DJ Mary Mac).

During the game, the DJ spins different tunes across varying genres where all app users have less than 10 seconds to guess which song is playing. If you guess correctly, you advance to the next round. If you get the answer wrong, you’re instantly out of the running for the cash prize. But, if you make it to the final round and answer all the trivia correctly, you get the dough. It’s literally that simple. All the while, the app runs a live chat which allows players to comment and interact as the hosts give the occasional shout out to the participants by name.

While we were in studio we got to witness Ian Lara and DJ 8pm impressively collaborate and host the show resulting in explosive energy, well-timed comedy, and excellent synergy. It was truly entertaining and made it difficult for us to sit through the session without erupting into laughter and disrupting their process. There's no doubt that the users playing along at home, at work, and perhaps even en route to work were also belting out laughter as Ian and 8pm indulged in humorous, playful banter (and sometimes singing and dancing) between each set of songs. After all, the game is so quick you can easily step away from whatever you're doing to take a fun break as it only runs about 20 minutes long.

Even more interesting than the app and game itself is that every single day the show is producing new written content under the guide of head writer, Khalid Rahmaan, which means daily rehearsals for the teams. This level of ambition seems only achievable by high-end TV shows, but from what we’ve seen, this great team of writers and performers are more than capable of getting the job done while making it look incredibly easy.

Currently, while in beta mode, Out of Tune runs daily at 3:30pm EST. However, Ian informed us that as the app continues to develop and evolves out of beta mode, the show will run twice a day every day at 3:30pm and 8:30pm EST. So basically, that's more opportunities to have more fun and win more money! Since the game is still in the beta mode it requires an exclusive code to join in and you're in luck because we have that code! Go download the app right now and plug in the code: PlayOOT. Even if you don't make it to the final round and win the money, you're still guaranteed to have a great time playing. We know this because we played AND LOST, but it was still an absolute blast!

You can download the app, Out Of Tune, now in the App Store.

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