The Comedy and Magic of Thiago Macklin

New York comedian Thiago Macklin is on the rise. He’s been featured on popular stages and in well-known festivals across the city, on trending podcasts, and has landed major ghostwriting gigs. He also hosts Tickling the Ivories, a free comedy show every Monday night at Pianos in the Lower East Side. Performing nearly every night, Thiago Macklin showcases his idiosyncratic style and proves to be someone to watch out for in 2018.

Macklin commands a stage with his relaxed energy that gradually transforms into a more harnessed energy as he introduces slight shuffling coupled with sweeping arm and hand gestures. He uses his generally calm demeanor to deliver dark punchlines with a straight face, chuckling only when he generates explosive laughter from the audience. Articulate throughout his set, he quickly and confidently speaks as he blurs the line between on the spot joke production and deliberate, well-rehearsed pith.

Across his performances, Macklin makes it known: he will work the audience. A true professional at improvisation, he uses feedback from the crowd to introduce his material, seemingly pulling from an endless vault of jokes that relate to a spontaneously presented subject. He often uses crowd work as a transition between topics and keeps his audience engaged while bursting with laughter.

Macklin seamlessly interweaves tidbits from the crowd to highlight the brunt of his observational humor as he discusses the disheartening aspects of the expectations versus the reality of being an adult. He is endearingly real about not-so-glamorous topics, which gives him the accessibility of your favorite comedian and the grit of that person you wish you didn’t love so much. He transforms everyday transactions and simple concepts into complex and developed conversations and scenarios that parallel those 'in-your-head' conversations that’ll never happen in real life – and it’s magical.

Thankfully for comedy fans that have yet to see Thiago Macklin perform, you'll have plenty of opportunities coming up this summer. Hurry though, he may be selling out venues faster than you expect!

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