Breaking News: Marie Faustin Accosted by Unfortunate House Guest

It’s a horrifyingly classic New York experience. You’re alone in your apartment, minding your own business, when suddenly, you catch a flash of movement out of the corner of your eye. Your heart skips a beat as you see those familiar beady eyes, which seem to read the fear in your own wide-eyed features as you register this terrifying intruder. That's right... It’s a goddamn mouse, and obviously, it’s out to get you. Such was the harrowing encounter experienced by Marie Faustin last week, trapping her on her own couch (with her phone, thank God), where she provided a dramatic video response to this miniature terrorist in this instagram video. The video paints a chilling scene in a style almost reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project as she makes a plea for someone to save her from “Ratatouille’s cousin.”

[Not the actual mouse from story, but almost definitely something similar]

Now, the video is brief, so we don’t know all the details. We know that this is “the world’s smoothest mouse,” with moves heretofore unseen in the mouse community. We know Marie attempted to ask for help from Alexa, who failed her completely in a moment that you’ll most likely have to watch multiple times to fully appreciate the range of emotions conveyed on Marie’s beleaguered face.

At the time of this writing, there had been no further updates on the situation. Until yesterday, where it appeared that a friend and fellow comedian, Karolena Theresa, indeed finally came to her rescue. However, according to Marie's Instagram story, the outcome did not seem to meet her original expectation of having a savior. The pair were now both trapped on Marie's couch in fear of the wretched mouse as Karolena hysterically yelled to the camera "He tried to eat us! He tried to kill us!"

Are they still stuck on Marie's couch, awaiting another friend or perhaps a cat to rescue them from the tiny clutches of the furry intruder? Did she carry out her threat on the hapless Alexa? Did she ever get to do those things that she declared she needed to do? At this time all we can do is wait, and hope for the best. Thoughts and Prayers to you, Marie and Karolena, and please continue to update us on this and any other situation in which you so perfectly capture New York City life!

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