LeClerc Andre Delivers Fresh to Death Comedy

Anyone who has been to a show that LeClerc Andre has performed at will agree that he stands out from the crowd. No, it’s not just because he’s really tall, nor because he's sporting some of the freshest attire in the standup circuit. It's more likely because everyone can agree that his act is one of the dopest things they’ve seen all night. Since moving to New York to start his stand-up career, LeClerc has hosted a number of comedy nights and played multiple shows at venues throughout the city. So it goes without saying, this is one comedian to keep an eye on.

LeClerc’s style is chilled out and conversational. With a knowing smile, he chuckles now and again throughout his set, and the audience is more than happy to join in. He has zero difficulty working the crowd and gauging their response to garner wall-to-wall laughs, and despite his suave demeanour, he adds in a little zest with his material which gives off a goofy and playful vibe. He glides from quip to quip, rarely letting his BPM get higher than 60, yet still guarantees to land the punchline every time. His reserved manner helps him portray more with the simplest of facial expressions, for instance, a blank stare is often enough for him to floor the audience. This, for certain, is the result of a beautifully crafted and well timed joke. With a raw perspective on life in New York, LeClerc tells all about his experiences in this city and all the crazy images and ideas that come with it. For some of his more surreal material, he paints the picture with sound effects, not too much to make it over the top, but enough to make the audience erupt with laughter.

In conclusion, LeClerc Andre's act definitely lives up to the hype, and you'd truly be missing out if you don't catch him at one of his upcoming shows right away!

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