Meet Dan Perlman, The Comedian Next Door

If you don’t already know Dan Perlman, just take a moment to go see him perform and you’ll feel as though you do. As he takes the stage for his set, there is an immediate sense of familiarity, and with a mixture of both observational and anecdotal humor, Dan Perlman’s style is the kind that will have you saying: That’s so true! Everything from his casual dress, shaved head, and low determined voice will remind you of someone you know, or at least met somewhere, maybe at a party once. Fitting to this style, Perlman’s jokes aren’t so much telling you something new as they are pointing out the absurdities of every day human life. He has a knack for taking a universal experience and spinning it into a punchline that you didn’t see coming, but that you also totally agree with.

Perlman’s tone is convivial but careful. This is true of much of his jokes in that they have you nodding along to the accuracy of each observation, while you snort-laugh along at the way he has presented the subject. His energy somehow toes a line between laid-back and spirited, with brows that punctuate each punchline. He has a certain sincerity in his demeanor that his audience responds to. He delivers his jokes with a wide-eyed thoughtfulness and half-smile, and has crafted a delivery that is deliberate without being plodding. At times you get the sense that he is simply sharing a personal anecdote, until he throws in a line that is far wittier than your average story.

Whether or not you do have someone like Dan Perlman in your life, by the end of his set you’ll undoubtably get the sense that he is a friend of yours, with a strange sort of jovial take on things such as suicide, divorce, and open relationships. Either way, it will be simple enough to add a recommended dose of him to your life, and get some Perls of wisdom for yourself.

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