Stellar Interview: Derek Gaines Talks About Life in Los Angeles, and Filming The Last OG

New York City finally got its comedy angel back- Mr. Derek Gaines, and if you’ve been listening to our advice, then surely you obliged our recommendation to keep your eyes on him. He recently announced a series of Los Angeles comedy shows during a lengthy stay in New York’s sister city, and we got a quick rundown on his time away from the greatest city in the world.

To start, big congrats on the debut of The Last OG! When was that filmed and what was that like?

I filmed The Last OG in Greenpoint, Brooklyn last year and had a lot of fun working with very funny people.

We saw you were in LA for some time, doing shows and stuff. How long were you out there for? What else did you do?

I was in LA for the dreaded “pilot season” trying to get another role on another show while The Last OG is on now.

Are you glad to be back in the NYC comedy scene?

I’m more than happy to be back in NYC. I’m so glad to be back in the East Coast air - it’s dirty but I’m molded by it.

How do you feel the LA scene differs from the NYC scene?

Well NY and LA are different on the length of stage time. Also, more stages to hit per area compared to LA, so you have way more of an opportunity to develop into a better comedian. The reps are different: LA is a showcase, NY is the gym and a place for more stand up. New York is definitely a better place.

By now we assume you have a decent knowledge of the LA landscape... What was your favorite place to visit during your off time?

My favorite place in LA was Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, and Norms. I’m a big diner guy (NYC culture)!

What was your average day like while you were in LA? How does it differ from the average day in NYC?

A day in NYC is: get a coffee, do a sit up, do a push up, write jokes with my friends in Chinatown, then head to a club later to work it out. LA is more like, lay around bored with no reason to take the train to Hollywood Boulevard and watch the people [sic] chase their dreams. Then, figure out if the Uber to this party in The Hills is worth it because I’m broke and I can’t afford to fake it ‘til I make it - and I’m trying to really make it.

What was it like working with Tracy Morgan, Tiffany Haddish and all the talented actors on the set of The Last OG?

Working with the big wigs was great! Tracey and Ced are the elders, Jordan Peele is a comedic GIANT and Tiffany Haddish is not only beautiful but also beautifully spirited like no other... But shout out to Joel, Daniel, and Gino, my half-way goons - we worked together throughout! We can be a mega-ensemble.

We heard The Last OG was renewed for a second season – do you have plans yet to film for that?

The Last OG did get a second season! It films this summer in Brooklyn.

What else can we expect from Derek Gaines in the near future? Any other major projects in the works?

Of course I’ll be in NYC all summer doing shows but also going back and forth to LA, just to record different projects (when I know for sure, I will definitely announce it) but keep watching The Last OG - it’s going to get funnier and funnier.

Keep up with Derek Gaines on his Instagram and also be sure to catch him in character as Jaybird on The Last OG every Tuesday, 10:30pm EST on TBS.

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